At Gypsy Turtle, life's warm, welcoming & very very exciting!
Gypsy Turtle encompasses the founding feeling of taking life's surprises in a positive way.

It’s is a place to unwind, chill with your gang, find interesting things about yourself and do everything that sparks joy to your heart.

Every corner has its own distinct look and feel, so that every person finds their favorite cozy spot.

Be what you want, let your mind unwind and unleash your creativity. Gypsy Turtle is a place that provides you with an enchanting sensorial experience in terms exquisite food, creative concoction of drinks and soulful music.

GT Story

Our story is of a Little Turtle who wished to escape the slow living reality and desired to run or even perhaps fly! He dreamt of extreme adventures, happy & naughty gang of friends, hearty laughter and being a part of wonderful celebrations!

On one windy sunny day as the coconut trees swung from left to right, a message in a bottle swam towards the Little Turtle. “Want to experience something extraordinary?” it read.

Thus began his journey. Wild, free and super excited, out of his shell he came to fulfil his wanderlust.

Driven by his thirst for adventure, the Little Turtle travelled across the seven seas and met all sorts of men and women - hippies to wise. Somewhere along the way, he picked up the art of potion making and became a master of mixing unusual concoctions. His legend grew and he became known for his exotic dishes, which fed not just the belly but the heart as well. His super-secret playlist was full of songs that lifted people’s spirits and made them groove to his beats and so the story goes.

So today, when you walk into the house of GT, you will experience what his wild spirit was made of.

So what are you waiting for ?

Take the leap of faith…..

Find your Groove!

Meet Team


DJ Paps

DJ Paps

Channel V featured DJ, Producer and Remixer
Pankaj Kumble

Pankaj Kumble

Guinness world record holder in flair bartending, Director @ Flair-O-Logy Bar School & Events
Chef Somir

Chef Somir

Corporate Executive Chef